This project started as a part of my “graduate work” for my studies of photographic art. Passionate for documentary photography and photojournalism I decided to ask professional firefighters and rescue units if I can join them in their work.

From the first moments it was very exciting for me and I have to admit – I have been catched by these people. Later I decided to take a part in basic course for firefighters to get more experience and to understand more this job. It is really not easy to do something with 30 kilograms of equipment on your back, in bad conditions, dangerous area, in stress etc. Then you understand you cannot be loner.

This job is more then usually about team work and you have to rely on your co-workers and friends. Some system restrictions and political decisions do not make this job easier. There are several reasons why to be realy angry in this job. But anger is not good friend. It is not good for right decisions. And here is why I call this project 112 Not Angry Men. No. 112 is phone call for emergency. And “not angry men” is some kind of legacy to the great movie about people, opinions, decisions, life and death – 12 Angry Men from 1957.

I would like to thank to all these people for what they do every day for us and that I had and still have a chance to document this via photo camera.

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